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Enzymes a MUST for every stabled horse!  
  February 2014 Article

Read Dr. Gabi's article for more information

California Riding Magazine
Digest Plus-front page
Digest Plus 20 lbs. Read complete Riding Magazine article
(Four month supply for one horse)
  • Enable overall supplement absorption
  • Reduce risk for stomach ulcers and colic
  • Save money by feeding less (better utilization)
  • Increase equine health and performance
Look inside your Horse!
Take the guesswork out of your Horse's Health & Nutritional Needs with a Hair Mineral Analysis

Order a Hair Mineral Analysis


A Hair Mineral Analysis will help identify:

  • Mineral Deficiencies & Imbalances

  • Adrenal Function

  • Thyroid Function

Sample Graph 1      
  • Inflammation

  • Speed & Endurance Levels

Sample Graph 2      
  • Toxic Metals and more

  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome


Hair Mineral Analysis 

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“ You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” - Linus Pauling

You have received your horse's Hair Mineral Report (HMA). What now ?
Often, the HMA lab will include suggestions for you within the HMA report. (READ DiSCLAIMER)


Please note that mineral imbalances can be either signs of or reasons for illnesses.
Therefore, both sides should be addressed.


Below is a list of a few common Equine HMA findings along with products which address both sides:

You should skip this Step and go directly to STEP 3 if:


A) Help balancing minerals in your horse's body.
B) Help restoring Equine health and performance.

1) Your horse's HMA report does not contain any of the findings below
2) You don't know what to choose from. .


(A) Balancing minerals in your horse's body:

  Low: Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine Equolution CALITRA (Coming Soon)    
  High Iron Equolution CALITRA
Consider having your hay tested
(Coming soon)
  High Aluminum: Change Sources if possible (Aluminum buckets, containers, water feeders, poultrice)
Detox with Equolution SILICA
(Coming soon)

Check any gastric supplements labels for Aluminum and change product if needed
Check out our Equolution Ulcer Rx (Aluminum Free, approx. $ 6/day) Order here
  High Other Toxic Minerals Detox with Equolution SILICA
Consider having your hay tested (Coming soon)

Balance other deficient minerals. Toxic Minerals often produce essential mineral deficiencies.
  Ca/P Ratio Should be 2:1, Check your feeding program, ask for email counsel. See Step 3
(Includes Ca low or high, Phosphor low or high)
  Low Sodium, Low Potassium: Add electrolytes, check for hydration status, make sure your horse drinks enough.

Lack of hydration or electrolytes can lead to constipation/impaction colic
Counsel needed ? See Step 3
  Sodium High and/or Potassium High You might be feeding too much in Electrolytes
Your horse might have issues with Adrenal Glands or Kidneys
Counsel needed ? See Step 3

B) Help restoring Equine health and performance:

  Endocrine System: Generally, for all imbalances in P.A.T axis (Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid): Counsel recommended
See Step 3
  Pituitary HIGH Points to hidden stressor, physically, mentally, environmentally or nutritionally
If chronic, could develop into Cushings Syndrome.

Could also lead to other physical problems.
E.g. Ulcers, nervousness, being spooky or cinchy, teeth grinding, drop in immune system, allergies, hives
  Adrenal HIGH Likely due to acute stress or if chronic, check for Cushings    
  Adrenal LOW Chronic stress    
  Thyroid LOW It might be secondary to other problems. Counsel recommended. See Step 3
Primary Hypothyroidism is considered rare in the Equine.
  Thyroid HIGH Points to High metabolism and hard keeper.
Research other underlying factors. Counsel recommended. See Step 3

Support for Symptoms
For Products relating to Specific Health Issues, please see the table on the
Healh Issues Page



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